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CAP 02 Latex Uniform Cap
Presenting our new latex hats! An essential accessory for any aficionado of military livery and other uniforms! These are made with thick latex (appr 2mm) at the crown and brim. Each peek/visor is additionally reinforced with plastic and covered in latex to maintain shape and form.
Depending on the style, small air-vents are placed above the brim at either the rear or sides of each hat. Each hat is sold without insignias or additional decoration except when noted.

Hats sold as shown.
If you prefer custom colours, contact us directly:
- crown (top portion of the hat)
- crown trim (rolled latex @ the top of the hat)
- brim (band around circumference of hat)
- brim trim (accent at top/bottom of trim)
- strap (none, latex, or corded in gold or silver)
- peak/visor (none, simple trim, or double)


This hat shown here features a contrasting crown trim as well as trim around the top and bottom of the brim. There a corded strap (here in silver) and a plain black visor. There is also a slight difference in crown shape when compared to the other hats: the crown at the rear of the hat above the brim is slightly shorter which gives raises the front into more of a pointed shape.


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