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HOOD 40 - Blow Up Hood
This special hood is perfect if you love the feeling of being enclosed as well as really making an impression. The interior hood is completely sealed and anatomically fitted to your head except for at the mouth where it's attached to the outer layer (which allows you to breath!) Hood inside (main colour) is made with 0.2 - 0,4 mm latex, neck part is thicker and available in many different colours. Outside ball (secodary colour) in 0.33 or 0.4mm.
Here shown in black as the main colour and transparent as the secondary colour.

Photo: HW
Model: Sandra

Find the right size!
Head Circumference:
XS: 52-54cm
S: 55-56cm
M: 57-58cm
L: 59-60cm
XL: 61-62cm

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